BUSTED: Katie Hopkins embarrassing video of what appears to be a pretend speech at the UN goes missing

Yesterday Katie Hopkins posted a video of herself giving what appears to be a pretend speech at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. The tweet then swiftly disappeared, probably in the hope no one would notice.

However, unluckily for Hopkins this video is still available, here it is and it’s terrible…

So there are lots of things wrong with this video, you’re immediately struck by the amount of background noise and chatter, the setting looks more like a lobby than a conference room and the microphones don’t appear to be turned on. Why is this filmed in such that much of the background is obscured.

I’m not familiar with the building, so I searched for pictures from in side the UN Geneva. I came across this photo of a large open plan lobby where the windows and railings on the upper floors appear to match those in the background behind Hopkins. From the source this is in fact a view of the cafĂ© & Serpentine Bar (Bar du Serpent).

Taking to twitter I began searching twitter for people tweeting pictures of their selves in the café/Serpentine bar to see if there were any actual photos of this apparent speech or if the supposed event had been caught in the background. I could not find any photos of any event in the café that included Hopkins but what I did find was this.

It’s in the cafĂ©, it took place around the right time but can’t see the podium so I followed the hastag #IDSL2019 and found this picture from Annika De Maeyer.

So we have a matching podium and base, but he background looks different. So looking for other photos I found this.

Off in the background are those familiar railings, let’s find another photo.

Bingo, there are those distinctive windows. The people taking part in IDSL2019 met in the morning in a large conference hall. I could not find any photos of this podium in the café in any days prior to this event or being used by any other groups indicating that is put there just for their event, and of course, because they used sign language during their event, having lots of background noise is a problem they can easily overcome (and of course the microphones would have probably been turned on). Hopkins posted her video around 11 am, just before lunch, or as I said in my tweet, before teacher has arrived, and probably took the opportunity to film the video while they were still in their conference and while no one was looking.

It’s no stretch of the imagination to think the tweet could have deleted because Hopkins realised she’d end up getting busted, alas, too little too late.

What did Hopkins say again? “we need to counter the fake narrative” – You’re right there Hopkins.

Wider Context

While there are indeed it appears there are Human Rights violations by both India and Pakistan in relation to Kashmir, it has come across to some that Hopkins extreme bias against Muslims has lead to her recent pro-Modi tweets using Kashmir as an excuse to attack Pakistan extension, bash Muslims over the head. In fact this is rather well demonstrated by the fact that she has so far ignored tweets from Shakeel Afsar, a free Kashmir supporter and one of the people behind the anti-LGBTQ protests in Birmingham who Hopkins arranged a special interview with in an apparent ‘coming together’ earlier this year.

More hypocrisy from Hopkins, in the video she criticises Imran Khan for making up the support he has by saying he has the support of the 58 members when there are only 49. Hopkins has herself laughably invented 2.6 million Brexiters out of thin air.

And finally, as Hopkins attempts to lecture the UN on human rights, when she has spend years attacking them on twitter.

Hopkins has:

  • deemed people guilty by association undermining the right to arbitrary arrest, called for mosques to be closed down attacking the right to religious freedom and association
  • mocked children who have survived school shootings advocating the 2nd amendment undermining their right to life
  • blamed the Chief Rabbi in Pittsburgh for the mass shooting in the Tree of Life Synagogue undermining their right to life
  • accused politically left leaning Jews of not being Jewish and facilitating a second holocaust
  • falsely implicated Syrian refugees in a murder, undermining the right to a fair trial, arbitrary arrest, false imprisonment and freedom from racial harassment
  • and she tries to vilify asylum seekers and refugees – the right to asylum has saved many from persecution.

Indeed the ridiculous extent of Hopkins hypocrisy on murder is best summed up in this video in which her reactions are contrasted based on the background of the murderer and victims. It’s astonishing to thinks that people comment on her tweets saying she speaks the truth, or tells it as it is when time and time again Hopkins has produced either false, wildly misleading or extremely biased content.


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